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Wellness Exams

Your pet’s health is always our number one priority, which is why for most pets, we recommend annual wellness exams. If your pet is a senior–over seven for dogs, over nine for cats–we strongly suggest twice-yearly exams and blood screenings. That’s because pets age more rapidly than humans, meaning disease and illness develop faster as well.


Highview Animal Clinic’s veterinarian-performed physical exams comprehensively assess every aspect of your pet’s health. Wellness exams typically include:


Ear exam
Eye exam
Rectal exam
Dental exam
Skeletal exam
Reproductive system exam
Internal health evaluation
Neurological evaluation
Cardiovascular evaluation
Nutrition consultation
Behaviour counselling

Taking care of your precious pet’s health starts with a thorough veterinary exam. To schedule an appointment for your pet, call us at 403-652-1300.

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