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Professional Horse Teeth Floating Services in High River, AB

Dentistry is an important part of your horse’s overall health, as their teeth grow continuously throughout their lives. Uneven wear can lead to sharp points causing pain and difficulty chewing. At Highview Animal Clinic Ltd, routine floats are valuable for all horses from pasture to trail to competition in High River, AB. We have Power floats which allow us to deal with hooks, points and waves much quicker than traditional hand floating. 


Many experts believe that improved oral care is one of the principal reasons horses in recent times have been living longer, healthier lives. Moreover, our treatments ensure that your horse does not feel any pain as nerve endings in their teeth are too low. Availing horse teeth floating services will help to increase efficient chewing in your horse as it presents a flatter surface for their teeth. Call us today to know more or visit us for floating.

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